Website a new sales channel to your business which works 24 hours a day 7 days week irrespective of whether you are on vacation or busy with something. When you open an office or showroom, did you do all of the interior decoration by yourself or someone with no-brand? I am sure you spend a lot of resources and got it done in the right way by highly qualified professionals. You did that because that office/ showroom is the one that gets customers or sends them away. No matter how great products or services that you have, that office or showroom is very important. Isn't it? Note that, you have some people working in that office or showroom to interact with customers whereas, on the website, it has to do on its own without a live person in the website, since it is virtual showroom or sales office. Just imagine how many efforts your salesperson puts to convince the customer about your products and services, which the website has to do by itself without any human presence which indicates how much responsibility a website has and how important it is for your business. Do you really want such a highly important task for your business, which is the heart of your complete internet sales channel for the whole world which should work 24 hours a day 365 days a year, get it done by a fresh college graduate or freelancer? Even though I am highly a qualified professional with noted experience in these services, I did not do projects myself, rather our office did it by taking it as if it is a customer project and by going through all the standards and our company strict quality control process, because it is important to our business. A website is an image you present to the Internet world. Either it brings more customers or even turns them away forever based on what and how you present it to the customer. If you think you have a great brand offline and can afford to have any kind of website, you are wrong. Having a great brand offline and lousy website will turn away the smart customers who use the latest technology. They not only skip buying via your website since they know that you are not competitive in using latest technology effectively, but they may also turn away from buying offline thinking you are still using ages-old technology in all aspects of your company operations or they think you are technophobia When you hire Technorvive, you can peacefully focus on your core business while leaving your online business strategy to the experts.

It varies from website to website based on the requirement. In the initial consultation, we will provide you the timeline estimates for your project. If you have the content for your site written before the design process begins, it will help in completing the project quickly. Content should be in electronic format. Not having your copy completed before the design process can significantly delay the completion of your website.

Once you place the web design order, the customer service representative will be in touch you. Project Manager for your project also will also work with you closely. The account executive will be in contact with you all the time.

We completely guarantee our design work. After viewing the initial draft(s), if you are not satisfied and we offer revisions based on your feedback. Please note that all the work done by us until that point is owned by us and you cannot use it in any manner without our explicit permission.

Yes, if you go for a dynamic site then you can but if you go for a static site then any type of changes in your website can be made my designer only.


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